Saturday, 19 March 2011

1 day 1 night--->Penang trip


Thursday ean n me take bus go penang
the purpose of go penang is do passport
cause we want go Thailand!!!

7 sumthing arrived at penang
11pm sunthing go out wif frens
the 1st location is outside Gurney plaza
we take a lot of picture there

have a look

There have 1 family 6 persons take jumping photo
I ask for join
they wear same clothes
look a very happiness family

The second place is Sungai penang

The next day in the morning
we wake up in the early morning
y ler???
Because of our important thing!!!!
i wanna to change IC
cause my ic pic is 12 years old de

go imigresen office to do passport
12pm finish our thing
I gt international passport le!!

After that
we go 1st avenue watch movie and having sushi

7pm we take bus to jetty
Its time to go back uum...

Those who fail to plan,plan to fail

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