Friday, 25 March 2011

Finish and start

finish mid term exam
except MIS cause dunno the date
No nid to "drive night car" mean study till midnight
more relax,can watch movie and drama le

when one thing is finish
one thing will be start
That is!!!!!!

Exam week is finish
assignment week is start
next week gt 4 assignments want to submit
plssssss joeyee
wanna be hardworking to do it ar..
dont be lazy

Tell ownself
assignment is more easy compare with exam
because when study u cant watch movie
u wan concentrate on study
but for assignment
u can watch movie sambil do assignment
Joeyee Ho
u must do it right now

assignment,i wanna to challenge you!!!

If you think you can,you can

Saturday, 19 March 2011

1 day 1 night--->Penang trip


Thursday ean n me take bus go penang
the purpose of go penang is do passport
cause we want go Thailand!!!

7 sumthing arrived at penang
11pm sunthing go out wif frens
the 1st location is outside Gurney plaza
we take a lot of picture there

have a look

There have 1 family 6 persons take jumping photo
I ask for join
they wear same clothes
look a very happiness family

The second place is Sungai penang

The next day in the morning
we wake up in the early morning
y ler???
Because of our important thing!!!!
i wanna to change IC
cause my ic pic is 12 years old de

go imigresen office to do passport
12pm finish our thing
I gt international passport le!!

After that
we go 1st avenue watch movie and having sushi

7pm we take bus to jetty
Its time to go back uum...

Those who fail to plan,plan to fail

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

First and Last

Draft schedule for final exam is shown

7/5 STID 1103
8/5 BWFF 2023
12/5 BPMN 3123
16/5 GLUL 3033
18/5 SBLE 2093
20/5 BPIN 3053
26/5 BJMP 2033

Our final exam date is from 7/5 till 26/5
and me is from 1st day exam till the last day

When see this draft
1 word can oni explain for my mood


Surprise supper

Having a surprise supper tonight...
Y i talking like tis..
It's with a reason...

Have a look

Isit the burger without any special??
Just a burger which bought at burger stall??


you would no think tis burger is price at


Yes,is RM4.50!!!

Y so expensive 1
ok,have a look below the picture

There gt 2 chicken meat inside the burger
but still expensive if compare with other stall

My roommate n I ate double chicken special burger
actually we order chicken special
but the boss getting wrong bout order...

very high calories supper...
getting more n more fatter..

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Amazing!!!Floating hoooouse~~

floating house was created in real life!!

I seen this news on newspaper
Yeankee told me know tat its happened in a movie
name "Up"
Disney movie

Disney "Up"

in real life

For more details you can click HERE

But a question is cuming
"How to let it down??"

I wonder it~haha

Friday, 11 March 2011

Pray for Japan

Pray for Japan

Earthquake and tsunami in Japan

It happened on today (11.3.2011)

It is the video i shared here

If cant see please click here
Its serious~

Hope that will stop and no next time

Like my lecturer said
"You never know what will happen in next second"

cherish pleaseeeeee

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Yummy!!!---->Handmade little burger

Yummy yummy time!!!
today is handmade little burger

There are the several ingredients

fried some eggs and cut into small piece

fried burger and also cut into small piece

See the picture
there are cabbages inside the tupperware
put some mayonnaise to mix it

It had been served~~!!!

We eat a lot and very full
Have a happy and nice day~~

Friday, 4 March 2011

Delicious food----->Bihun soup

Yummy yummy~~~!!!!
I wan to introduce 1 delicious food
that is------>Beehun soup

As you can see the picture
Its yummy!!!
I like the chilli sauce at all
Its very spicy!!!

Its located in D-garden
2 aunty working there
Every sunday and wednesday
after BP comm class
I will go there having my lunch

I also intro to my frens that the food really nice
And also the popia

I had addicted on it~~!!!

I like you~~~

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Life is so short


When in BP comm class
before starting our presentation
i told lecturer knew tat cindy was passed away
lecturer so excited
she oso felt sad n said

"Life is so short,u will nvr know wat will happen on next second"

Im totally agree wat lecturer said
life is getting more n more short to us
if u wanna do sumthing tat u haven do
better u do now n no regret

Rest in peace
sorry bout the presentation
bcoz i no put full effort to present it


Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Today is a grey day
had an accident outside UUM
is EDC
there are 3 students involved in the case

I surprise on this new
My fren n me checked the ppl who were involved it
2 ppl dies n 1 injured

While i checked it by facebook
I gt a bad new...
1 of the ppl is my fren...
her name is cindy
my BP comm leader...
Yesterday we still had a chit chat
n discuss for wednesday BP comm presentation
yesterday nite she still sms me...
I cant expect...
I cant see wif wif her...
everyday in BP comm class
i will always giv a smile to her
but now
it's never

Rest in peace
I will remember n miss you always