Sunday, 20 February 2011


Start from now,i will use english to write my blog.It is because my STID 1103 lecturer Mohd Tarmizi Bin Musa want to see our blog.

Its midnight,y i still haven sleep yet??!Because of my assignment...assignment is very difficult for me,i dunno to do.Nobody can ask,nobody can teach me,finally i do it by myself.My eng standard is very low,i dun understand the question...I finish the assignment at 4a.m. n the answer of the assignment is very blur,i scare cant get marks...Im very tired now but feel wanna write a blog.

I must improve my eng,eng is very important now.


I write my blog n listening music,it feel very relax.I like this feeling.Although this is a sad song,but when i hear the piano sound,i like it.

When listen this song,i thinking many things in my mind.But i dunno how to write down it at here...


One more day,its my anniversary day.I waiting it,expect it,like it,n love it.

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